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What if I haven’t been to church before, or if it’s been years?

ALL are welcome here. That includes YOU. Come as you are. If you haven’t been to church before, it’s totally okay. When you enter the chapel for a service, someone will hand you a program (we call it a “bulletin”). It outlines the service, where to find the songs we’ll sing (usually we call them “hymns”) and the rest will generally be explained by Pastor Scott during the service. 

It’s our goal at Mount of the Holy Cross to create a space where community members and visitors alike can gather and feel comfortable. Our services follow an “order of service” and there are liturgical elements (things included in the service layout that come to us from the ELCA – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – which basically give structure to the service, our prayers, etc.). The liturgy helps us to know what to expect in a service, reminds us of a larger community of Lutherans/Christians/believers/followers/people to which we belong, and helps us feel comfortable.

However, there are also parts of the service distinct to our church and our community. For example, our community is rooted in a deep love and respect for the beauty and magnificence around us. When we are going through difficult times, or have questions or concerns in our lives, it’s common to arrange meetings with pastors and clergy. At MHC, these meetings may happen in Pastor Scott’s office. But it’s more likely that they’ll take place on a chairlift at Beaver Creek or Vail, or on a hiking trail to Lionshead Rock, along the North Trail, or up to stunning Beaver Lake. Many of us feel more comfortable outdoors, more vulnerable, and more alive.

What do I wear?
  • A shirt (blouse, polo, tank top, flannel, collared, suit coat, polar fleece, vest, t-shirt, long-sleeve, down coat, jeans jacket are all fine)

  • Pants (or skirt, or dress, or shorts, or chinos, or swim trunks, or onesie, these all work).

  • Shoes (or bare feet, or flip flops, or loafers, or Tevas, or Chacos, or ski socks, or slippers, these are all appropriate).

We welcome you as you are, no matter if you wear fancy name-brand clothing, or prefer outdoor gear, whether you’re an infant in whatever your caregiver dressed you in, or are in a hospital gown. It’s what is inside that we’re interested in.

What if I am a sinner- or if I’m not good enough to go to church?

God loves you just as you are – he always has. We believe that nothing you do will change His love for you. To Him, you are more precious than diamonds, and no mistakes you’ve made can take His love away, reduce it, or spoil it. We believe that He wants you to know him and that He knows you better than you know yourself. We believe in grace, which might mean that nothing you do can make you deserving of this gift of His unending love.

What if I grew up under a different faith or denomination?

You are welcome here. 

What if I bring my baby and need to leave?

We have a cry room at the entrance of each chapel. Come one come all – all ages are welcome. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” And we want them here at church too.

What do I do during communion?

Pastor Scott provides instruction on how to take communion. We encourage all who are comfortable to take communion or come forward for a blessing. We provide bread and wine, with grape juice, gluten-free wafers, and grapes as available alternatives.

What if I want to learn more or get involved?

See this page for more about how to get involved.

Talk to Pastor Scott or call the church office to learn more, become a member, become baptized, get confirmed, etc.

Do you perform weddings at Mount of the Holy Cross?

Yes, weddings at both the Vail and Beaver Creek Interfaith Chapels are beautiful. Check out this page, and email or call us to check availability, learn about costs and logistics, and more.



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